IDD 0060

IDD 0060, an international telephone service with crystal-clear quality and high reliability, is available through your home phone or mobile phone.

We are committed to providing services that meet your need for quality and simplicity. After you have registered for IDD 0060, you can start using the service within 24 hours.

IDD 0060 is now offering special fixed fee plans:
  1. HK$12 monthly service fee with 130 IDD 0060 minutes (24 or 36 months contract period)
  2. HK$25 monthly service fee with 280 IDD 0060 minutes (24 or 36 months contract period)
  3. HK$48 monthly service fee with 530 IDD 0060 minutes (24 or 36 months contract period)
The Fixed Fee Plan IDD minutes must be calling from Hong Kong to the following regions:
  • Fixed Line and Mobile Phone: China Mainland, Canada, Singapore, USA
  • Fixed Line Only: Australia, France, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom

Call HKT Consumer Service Hotline: 10060 to register or visit any HKT shop.

  1. IDD 0060 service is provided by us, Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited (“HKT”), subject to relevant terms and conditions, including the prevailing version of the ”General Conditions of Telecommunications Service (Consumer Customers)” and ”Special Conditions for 0060 Service and 0062 Fax Service for Consumer Customers”.
  2. The HK$12/130 minutes, HK$25/280 minutes and the HK$48/530 minutes service plans are only applicable to selected IDD 0060 consumer customers.
  3. These offers are not applicable to calls made to telephone numbers with prefixes “56”, ”7”, ”8”, or ”9” in UK, “9” in Taiwan, “50” in Japan and all numbers in Macao.  These offers are not applicable to any csl. Prepaid SIM and Hello Prepaid SIM.  Each individual IDD call is charged on a per-minute basis and rounded up to the nearest 10 HK cents.  Unused minutes for any month cannot be carried forward to the next month.  Plan minutes will be shared among all registered phone numbers.
  4. The IDD rates for other regions will be subject to change.  You can call our customer hotline 1000 for more details.
  5. If you want to terminate IDD 0060 service, a not less than 30 days’ prior notice is required to be given to HKT. If for any reason your IDD service under these offers is terminated or downgraded before the expiry of the commitment period, you are liable to pay an early termination charge, equivalent to the monthly service fee X the remaining month(s) of the commitment period (whereby less than one month will be regarded as one full month for calculation purpose), plus the listed recommended retail price / value of the premium received under these offers.
  6. At the end of the commitment period, if (a) we have not received any termination request for your contract; (b) you have not renewed your existing contract and have not signed up for a new contract with a new commitment period, you agree that we shall continue to provide the IDD service to you under the existing contract on a month-to-month basis on the same terms and conditions (save for the monthly service fee), subject to your payment of our prevailing monthly service fee (without commitment period) for the IDD service.  Please call our customer hotline 10060 to find out our prevailing monthly fees.
  7. We reserve the right to change, suspend or terminate all or any part of these offers, or to change any terms and conditions of these offers, without prior notice.  In the event of dispute under these offers, the decision of HKT shall be final.
IDD 0060 offers you economical and reliable voice and fax services. Now you have an international dialing choice that meets your individual communication needs.

  • IDD 0060 service is available through fixed lines and mobile phones for you to keep in touch with your friends and relatives overseas.
  • You enjoy quality and reliable service
  • You will find all your International Telephone Service charges listed together in an integrated bill.
# Click here to view the call charges.

Call HKT Consumer Service Hotline: 1000 to register or visit any HKT shop.

The above service is provided by Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited, the use of which is subject to the General Conditions of Services and any applicable Special Conditions of Services of Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited and any other terms and conditions set out herein. Copies of such conditions are available upon request.
To make an IDD 0060 call, follow the steps below (the example shows a call to Shenzhen in Mainland China):

To call a fixed-line number:

To call a mobile number :

Fast Connection

For an even faster connection when using a tone phone, press [#] after you enter the local telephone number.

More information on IDD codes & world time and IDD 0060 Pay Per Use Plan Service Guide.