csl is a mobile service brand of CSL Mobile Limited. csl is the leading provider of mobile communications and holds the widest range of radio spectrum of any mobile network operator in Hong Kong. Our new 5G service comes complete with a spectacular breed of audio-visual entertainment, riding on 5G hallmarks of ultra-high speed, massive connectivity and ultra-low latency. csl’s differentiation from competitors is served by a richness of expertise, diverse partner relationships and an approach that enables customers to see the world differently.
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csl is committed to providing superior mobile data and voice tariff plans. Such superiority is the result of our 5G network, Multi-User Service Plan, unlimited voice calls and Wi-Fi.
Our customers enjoy a spectacular new entertainment experience. That’s because we provide a wealth of infotainment and diverse services. You can view and download a richness of content for free via your mobile device.
Get the very best out of your smartphone! We provide the latest, most popular and useful applications – all in easy-to-find fashion. Some are tailored to the exclusive enjoyment of csl’s customers.