International telephone services

International telephone services banner: A lady calling home or other international destinations while overseas


We facilitate direct dialling from fixed and mobile phones to locations all over the world.

We offer IDD choices to meet your every need, whether calling from fixed or mobile phones or via a calling card.
Enjoy a crystal-clear voice quality and reliable international telephone service through your home phone, mobile handset or your Global Calling Card.
Regardless of which Hong Kong mobile network you use, register your mobile phone with IDD 0060 for free and enjoy the attractive calling rates.
Important Note:
  1. Effective from 1 Sept 2023, part of the rates under high volume usage offers of IDD 001 and 0060 will be adjusted. Please visit, or call our Customer Service Hotline on 1000 for details.
  2. Service Notification : The Global Calling Card for residential users will gradually cease service within 1 October to 31 December, 2023. You can continue using IDD001/0060 international telephone service to make overseas call via any fixed-line phone and/or mobile phone that has registered IDD001/0060. Please call 10060 to register and inquire how to use it.
  3. Service Notification :Effective from 1 October 2023, IDD Promotional Rates for consumer customers will be adjusted. Such Promotional Rate adjustments will affect 0060/0062 (standard time and off-peak). Please visit for the latest IDD rates, or call our Consumer Service Hotline on 1000 for details.