Fixed line

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This provides the convenience of a single telephone line bearing two numbers (prime number and duplex number). You can designate a distinctive ringing tone for each so that you know who is calling or for whom the call is intended before you pick up. The service also allows you to distinguish phone calls from faxes.

Only the prime number will be displayed when making outgoing calls. Call-forwarding and voicemail services are not applicable to the duplex number.

This service requires users to make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls through a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phone line.

When a customer ceases to use our service, his/her telephone number will be released to the number pool to be assigned to other customer. We therefore need time to check if a telephone number has already been assigned.

The Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) implemented the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance on December 22, 2007. Those who wish to resist unsolicited faxes can register their fax numbers on official do-not-call lists. To register your telephone or fax number onto any of the Do-not-call lists, you can make a call to the registration hotline 1835000 through the phone or fax machine of the number you wish to register.

PCCW audio conferencing provides an array of audio-conferencing solutions, by which three or more participants are linked together in a telephone call, with all parties able to hear one another and engage in interactive discussion.

Sure. All you need is a regular telephone with no special equipment.

No limit. A single conference can be arranged with up to 12 participants. However, it is possible to link hundreds of participants simultaneously, with some able to interact while others only listen.

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