Corporate governance

The HKT Trust is a trust constituted on 7 November, 2011 under the laws of Hong Kong and managed by HKT Management Limited (the “Trustee-Manager”, in its capacity as the trustee-manager of the HKT Trust). The HKT Trust, the Trustee-Manager and HKT Limited (the "Company") are committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance, the principles of which serve to uphold a high standard of ethics, transparency, responsibility and integrity in all aspects of their businesses, and to ensure that their affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
Management Structure
The objectives of the management structure of the Company and the Trustee-Manager, both headed by the Board of Directors and led by the Executive Chairman, are focused on enhancing value of the holders of share stapled units jointly issued by the HKT Trust and the Company (the “Share Stapled Units”) and ensuring the sustainable long-term development of the HKT Group.
HKT Limited
The Board of Directors of HKT Limited has set up five board committees, namely, the Audit Committee, Nomination Committee, Executive Committee, Remuneration Committee and Regulatory Compliance Committee.
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HKT Limited Structure HKT Limited Board of Directors Audit Committee Nomination Comittee Executive Committee Renumeration Committee Regulatory Comnpliance Committee Image Map
HKT Management Limited
The Board of Directors of HKT Management Limited has set up an Audit Committee whose composition is the same as the Audit Committee of HKT Limited.
Trustee Manager Structure Trustee-Manager Board of Directors Trustee-Manager Audit Committee Image Map