Corporate social responsibility

HKT has been serving the Hong Kong public and local and international businesses for many years. Our wide array of services helps to improve the quality of living for all walks of life and enhance the competitiveness of corporate customers in different sectors.

Being one of Hong Kong's foremost corporate citizens, HKT is committed to operating in a manner that is economically, ethically, socially and environmentally sustainable, going beyond mere compliance while balancing the interests of our various stakeholders. Internal policies are in place to set forth standards and requirements of appropriate behavior.

"To become a leading socially responsible corporate in the ICT sector"
As Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications service provider with a significant global presence, HKT subscribes to the view that CSR issues should be incorporated in our business decisions and strategies. We also recognize the factors that have shaped the development of CSR - globalization, trade liberalization, and higher expectations from stakeholders about good corporate behaviors.

We are committed to contributing to the community continuously through sponsorship, environmentally friendly practices and volunteer services. We also invest in human capital as people are essential to continuous innovation and success. With the enhancement of our CSR initiatives, we pledge to contribute to sustainable economic development and to work with our employees, their families and the community to improve the quality of life.
"To integrate CSR goals into organizational strategies and practices"

HKT aims to integrate the CSR philosophy into its everyday operations and long-term strategic plans. It believes that through an amalgamation of ethical values, transparency, employee relations, legal compliance and overall respect for the values of society and communities in which the Company operates, CSR would become one of the key brand differentiators for its products and services, and business success would be fostered.

To achieve this, the Company is committed to:

  • developing CSR policies and integrating them into corporate strategies;
  • formulating baseline standards of acceptable social, ethical and environmental practices within the business processes from investment evaluation to project implementation; and
  • developing a corporate culture of surpassing the baseline CSR standards wherever possible.
CSR initiatives
Our CSR initiatives focus on five areas, including community, employees, the environment, supply chain management and corporate governance.

While caring for our community, employees and the environment, we encourage stakeholders in supply chains of our businesses to adopt our CSR policy, and respect and promote fair business practices. As a listed company, we also maintain a high level of corporate governance, while continuously creating shareholder value.