Employee caring

Joint Staff Council

A PCCW/HKT Joint Staff Council (JSC) has existed since the 70s as a means of communication between management and other staff on matters of mutual concern.

The JSC enables employees to better understand the Company's policies and decisions, thereby fostering a spirit of co-operation to improve the Company’s operational efficiency, its customer services and the well-being of staff.

Regular JSC meetings are held to discuss issues such as company plans and policies, operational efficiency, career development and training, working conditions, pay and benefits, social and recreational facilities, etc.

The JSC membership comprises representatives of management and other full-time regular employees of PCCW/ HKT (all elected by staff) in Hong Kong.

Personal and career growth

HKT is committed to developing and grooming its employees for best-in-class technologies and business practices. To help them grow their capabilities and careers continuously, the Company offers the following training and development programs:

Employee training programs

To facilitate career development and personal growth, HKT provides different training programs to assist employees in acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in technical, professional and managerial work. These training programs come in many different forms such as e-learning and classroom training.

We have about 200 self-paced e-learning programs on business, IT and engineering topics. Classroom trainings are offered in our Kwun Tong training school with both scheduled and tailor-made classes to help employees learn from professional trainers and share their ideas with fellow classmates. Employees are also encouraged through sponsorships to pursue new skills and interests through external courses.

Graduate development programs

HKT offers a number of graduate development programs to groom fresh talent from different academic backgrounds to become professionals and managers of the future. We encourage our young colleagues to develop solid professional and functional competencies in their early career. Special professional knowledge and skills acquired through challenging work assignments will become their core capabilities. In future when our young colleagues work in different business units and geographical locations, their professional expertise will assist them in working effectively with other team members where common technological and business practices are shared and applied.

Career development programs

The Company is committed to grooming talented individuals as top-notch business professionals in line with their career aspirations, and to enable existing employees to become all-rounded business professionals.

The Company provides staff with opportunities to rotate and work in different areas through job rotation programs. They can also gain exposure through a wide range of professional and business training curricula, and learn and grow through strategic projects and from management/executive mentoring.

Leadership development programs

The Company provides a variety of programs to help advance the careers of its experienced staff via cross-business unit learning and fertilization opportunities. These are intended to help develop critical professional and leadership skills, sharpen their business acumen, broaden their exposure, expand their networks, and most importantly, fast-track their career and learning development.

Employee health & safety

HKT considers the promotion of workplace safety and employee health to be an essential component of responsible management. We believe that accident prevention and productivity gain go hand in hand and deserve equal priority in the selection of design, methods, materials and equipment.

The safety and health of employees, contractors, customers and the public at large is of primary importance to the Company in its pursuit to being a leading socially responsible corporate citizen in the ICT sector. Prevention of damage to property is also an integral part of our core values.

In respect of protecting employees’ safety and health, we are committed to:

  • eliminating all causes of danger to life and property; and
  • ensuring the health and safety of staff, contractors and the public when conducting any activities either in premises owned or managed by the Company, or when staff are working in public areas or in customer premises.

All staff from senior managers through line managers, supervisors and employees at all levels, are responsible for assisting the Company in implementing the safety and health policy.

Amenities & staff functions

We operate two conveniently located Sports Centers for use by employees. The Sports & Recreation Department is responsible for organizing staff social, sports and recreation functions, while the Sports & Interest Group is looking after 17 sports teams and 4 interest groups.

Most of the teams actively take part in competitions organized by the Inter-Hong Games Association and Corporate Games of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Company-wide staff social, sports and recreation functions are organized regularly for staff and their family members to enhance staff relationship. These include:

  • Children Summer Camp
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Party
  • Chinese New Year Dinner Gathering