APRIL 2016



港電訊不斷追求創新、速度,以及推動可持續發展,今年將冠名贊助香港首次舉辦的國際汽聯電動方程式錦標賽 - 香港電訊電動方程式。活動定於10月9日在香港中環海濱區舉行,屆時香港電訊將提供領先的通訊網絡、科技及服務,以支援賽事的現場直播與及其他現場的互動體驗。

Formula E HKT Hong Kong ePrix

At the heart of driving innovation, speed and sustainability, HKT is supporting the first-ever FIA Formula E Championship in the city – HKT Hong Kong ePrix which is to be held on October 9 at the Central Harbourfront. Being the title sponsor of this top-flight motorsport event, HKT will provide telecommunications network, technology and services to support live broadcast as well as other interactive experience at the venue.


2月25日,香港電訊公佈截至2015年12月31日止年度錄得穩健的財務業績,反映出旗下各項業務的基本實力及強韌力,以及進一步整合CSL Holdings Limited所帶來的成績。2015年度經調整資金流增加百分之二十二至港幣40.93億元。


HKT reports fruitful
financial results

On February 25, HKT announced a set of solid financial results for the year ended December 31, 2015, reflecting the underlying strength and resilience of each of our lines of business and further integration of CSL Holdings Limited. Adjusted funds flow for the year increased by 22% to HK$4,093 million.

Mr. Alex Arena, Group Managing Director of HKT, said, "HKT will continue to innovate on services and create new engines for growth on the strong base of its fixed line, broadband, and mobile services."


Mr. Alex Arena and Ms. Susanna Hui, Group Chief Financial Officer, host the annual results press conference.


「Now One」4K all-in-one 裝置

上行及NOW TV推出嶄新的綜合4K all-in-one裝置「Now One」,提供多元化功能,包括真正的4K超高清電視、IPTV(網絡協定電視)、DTT(數碼地面電視廣播)、OTT、PVR(數碼錄影)及NFC(近場無線通訊)*,再加上製造商三星的技術,提升客戶體驗。



"Now One" 4K all-in-one appliance

NETVIGATOR and NOW TV have jointly introduced "Now One", a new integrated 4K all-in-one appliance. The appliance boasts a wide range of features including true 4K ultra high definition (UHD), Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), Digital Terrestrial TV (DTT), Over-the-Top (OTT), Personal Video Recording (PVR) and Near Field Communication (NFC)*, and is powered by the technology of the appliance manufacturer, Samsung.

*Some features will be launched in phases in the coming months.





Call Macau Home Pass

Always attentive to different needs of customers, csl has collaborated with CTM in Macau to launch the “Call Macau Home Pass”, a flexible offer which enables csl and 1O1O customers to choose a Day or Monthly Pass to use mobile voice, data and Wi-Fi while in Macau. The usage will be drawn from customers’ Hong Kong service plan entitlements. For more details, please visit www.hkcsl.com or www.1010.com.hk.

Tap & Go膺最具創意預付方案

港電訊的全資附屬公司HKT Payment Limited獲MasterCard頒發「2015年香港最具創意預付方案」大獎,以表揚其創新的Tap & Go流動付款服務。

Tap & Go wins innovation award

HKT Payment Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HKT, has been granted the award of “The Most Innovative Prepaid Program Launched in 2015 in Hong Kong” by MasterCard in recognition of its advanced mobile payment service, Tap & Go.



ŸŸŸ- 有賴各同事的支持,積極減少購買紙張、打印機墨盒及耗電量,香港電訊在香港地球之友舉辦的綠「惜」任務計劃中,獲頒惜「物」任務金級標誌及惜「電」任務銅級標誌。

- 1O1O及csl 由去年起參與聖雅各福群會綠色家電環保園的舊手機回收計劃,至今已收集約1,000部手機,並已轉交環保園家電再生中心作維修,再轉贈予有需要人士。

- 此外,CSL去年向多間慈善團體捐出一批包括外套及長褲等舊式制服。約40名義工早前向觀塘區長者親手送上冬季外套。

- 為宣揚生物多樣化及海洋生態保育,40名義工參加由商界環保協會舉辦的「BEC生態大使培訓計劃」,並於1月23日的「海洋生態保育日」中,於東澳古道為學生們提供生態導賞團及帶領他們進行海灘清潔。

Our green mission

- HKT has been given the Gold Award of Save Resources Mission and the Bronze Award of Save Energy Mission of the Green Missions program organized by Friends of the Earth (HK) for reducing paper, printer cartridges and electricity consumption.

Volunteers give warmth to the elderly with the jackets donated by CSL.

- In support of St. James'  Settlement’s “WEEE GO GREEN” recycling scheme, 1O1O and csl have collected in the past year around 1,000 handsets for refurbishment and redistribution to the needy.

- Also, CSL donated a batch of outdated uniforms including jackets and pants to charitable organizations last year. Around 40 volunteers visited the elderly in Kwun Tong earlier and brought them winter jackets.

- Around 40 volunteers have completed the BEC Biodiversity Ambassadors Training Program of Business Environmental Council. On the Marine Biodiversity Conservation Day on January 23, the trained volunteers provided an eco-tour for 240 students and conducted a coastal cleanup at Tung O Ancient Trail.


The Club及csl支持及贊助由Lap保護動物慈善協會於2月28日舉辦的「老友狗狗海灣同樂日」慈善步行籌款,為被遺棄動物出一分力。

Social by the Sea

The Club and csl supported the “Social by the Sea” on February 28, an annual charity dog walk event organized by Lifelong Animal Protection Charity to raise funds for abandoned animals.

The Club會員帶寵物參與慈善行籌款。
The Club members join the charity dog walk event with their pets.


HKT x Office 365體驗計劃

港電訊商業客戶業務部推出HKT x Office 365體驗計劃,送出200個用戶計劃予21間新成立公司及3間社會企業,讓其免費使用HKT x Office 365商業雲端方案服務一年。


HKT x Office 365 Experience Program

HKT Commercial Group has launched a HKT x Office 365 Experience Program, offering  200 free user accounts to 21 start-ups and three social enterprises to access HKT x Office 365 business cloud service free of charge for one year.






Fostering cross-generation cohesion

To promote intergeneration harmony, our volunteer team joined hands with the students from Buddhist Kok Kwong Secondary School and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Mrs Fung Wong Fung Ting College to bring gifts and care to the elderly of Sha Tin.

Besides, we have started a program with TWGHs Ma Hing Chou Home for the Elderly to help the residents to compile their life story books. Interviews are conducted by the students from Hong Kong & Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School with the assistance of our volunteers. The program enables teenagers to understand more about the old days of society while helping the elderly to improve their memory.

In appreciation of our voluntary services, the volunteer team of PCCW and HKT was awarded the “Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Volunteer Group” by Eastern/Wan Chai District Co-ordinating Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service on January 16, and received the “Outstanding Corporate Partnership Award” from TWGHs on March 8.

Our volunteer and a student visit an elderly in Sha Tin

Ms. Carmen Chan, VP, Brand Management & Community Relations of HKT, represents the volunteer team to receive the Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Volunteer Group.

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