Unveil the 4.5G era

HKT demonstrated the world’s first 4.5G (4.5th generation) 1Gbps (Gigabit per second) commercial mobile network with its technology partner Huawei at the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2015 in Hong Kong on November 3. This innovation enables faster wireless communications, offering even better customer experience.


香港電訊集團董事總經理艾維朗先生(左)及華為全球輪值首席執行長及副董事長胡厚崑先生共同展示全球首個4.5G 1Gps流動網絡。
Mr. Alex Arena, Group Managing Director of HKT (left), and Mr. Ken Hu, Rotating CEO and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Huawei, demonstrate the world’s first 4.5G 1Gbps mobile network in Hong Kong.




Award-winning customer service teams

With dedicated teams of customer-focused staff, HKT has once again won the Grand Award of the Year, the new Best Individual Category Achievement as well as 42 other corporate and individual awards in the Hong Kong Call Centre Association (HKCCA) Awards 2015. The Awards recognize the best of the best within the contact center industry in Hong Kong, Macau and Southern China.


著大屏幕電視愈趨普及,市場對觀賞超高清畫質的需求日增。香港電訊與時並進,將於2016年第一季推出真正4K all-in-one IPTV/OTT裝置,與now TV攜手展示完美的4K超高清電視觀賞體驗。憑藉廣泛的光纖網絡,以及率先推出的10Gbps光纖寬頻服務,香港電訊讓客戶可盡享對頻寬需求甚高的應用程式及服務。

True 4K ultra HD experience

As more large-sized TV sets come onto the market, the demand for High Definition viewing is increasing. HKT and now TV will jointly launch a true 4K all-in-one IPTV/OTT appliance in the first quarter of 2016, delivering the perfect 4K ultra high-definition (UHD) TV viewing experience for customers. Leveraging its extensive fiber-rich broadband network, together with its first-in-Hong Kong 10Gbps broadband service, HKT enables customers to enjoy wide-ranging bandwidth-hungry applications and services.





Tap & Go available at Taobao Marketplace Hong Kong

Taobao fans can now use Tap & Go, HKT’s mobile payment platform, to perform more convenient and secure purchase at the popular online platforms Taobao Marketplace (淘寶網®) Hong Kong page ( and ( with privileged cash rebate. For details, please visit or

HKT x Office 365商業雲端方案

港電訊一直以來積極支援中小企,提供多元化方案,滿足不同業務需要。集團近日與微軟攜手推出HKT x Office 365商業雲端方案,配備香港電訊的完善網絡及雲端平台,進一步提升中小企的生產力及整體營運效率。

HKT x Office 365 business cloud solution

Striving to support SMEs with a wide range of solutions which best fit their business needs, HKT is joining hands with Microsoft to launch the HKT x Office 365 business cloud service, a full-featured cloud solution supported by HKT’s extensive network and ample storage capacity, enabling SMEs to enhance their productivity and overall operational efficiency.

Mr. Alex Arena (left) and Dr. Ronald Lu at the A&D Trophy Awards 2015.


港電訊致力滿足香港市民的通訊需求,並竭誠提升大眾生活質素。HKT Premier贊助由建築雜誌《透視》主辦的「亞洲建+設大獎」,以表揚亞太區內優秀創新的建築、室內設計及產品設計。於10月29日的頒獎典禮上,香港電訊集團董事總經理艾維朗先生頒發大會新增的終身成就獎予呂元祥博士,讚揚其對建築界的卓越貢獻。

A&D Trophy Awards

In addition to meeting the communication needs of Hong Kong people, HKT also strives to enhance their quality of life. HKT Premier has sponsored the A&D Trophy Awards 2015, a leading architecture, interior and product design competition in the Asia-Pacific region organized by Perspective. At the award presentation ceremony held on October 29, Mr. Alex Arena, Group Managing Director of HKT, presented the new Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Ronald Lu for his contribution to the architecture industry.




- 於8、9月協助廣華醫院為受鉛水事件影響的兒童進行血液測試。

- 與循道衛理楊震社會服務處合作,於8月為彩虹長者綜合服務中心的長者舉辦智能手機班,教授Android手機的操作技巧及多個常用apps的應用方法。

- 於9月19日,約160名義工與家人帶著月餅及禮物包,前往彩虹邨探訪180戶長者,一起慶祝中秋佳節。此外,我們與非牟利機構「食德好」合作,鼓勵員工將過剩的月餅捐給有需要人士,並可推動源頭減廢。


Ms. Carmen Chan, VP, Brand Management & Community Relations of HKT, represents the volunteer team to receive the Award of 10,000 Hours for Volunteer Service.

- 於10月25日,超過30名義工在庭恩兒童中心照顧有言語障礙的兒童,讓他們的父母可參與由主辦機構特設的燭光晚餐,並與其他家長交流經驗。
- 與東華三院馬興秋安老院於10月31日合辦「重拾流金歲月」活動,由義工陪伴院友乘坐香港摩天輪及渡輪,欣賞維港景色,讓長者可重溫過去的生活片段,訓練記憶力。

Recognition for our volunteer service

The volunteer team of HKT and its parent company PCCW has been once again awarded by the Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service of the Social Welfare Department for its contribution of more than 10,000 hours of volunteer service to the community in 2014.

Recent activity highlights:

- Volunteers supported Kwong Wah Hospital in August and September in the blood tests for children in the midst of concern about excessive lead content in drinking water.

- We organized free workshops for the Choi Hung Community Centre for Senior Citizens, Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service in August, teaching the elderly the use of Android smartphones and popular mobile apps.


On September 19, around 160 volunteers and their families enjoyed a get-together with over 180 senior residents of Choi Hung Estate, bringing them Mid-Autumn festival gifts and mooncakes. We also encouraged our staff to donate excessive mooncakes for the needy and to promote waste reduction at source in a Food Grace campaign.
- Over 30 volunteers helped take care of the children with speech problems at the Benji’s Centre on October 25, so their parents could enjoy a candle light dinner arranged by the organization for relaxation and experience sharing.
- An outing was organized for the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Ma Hing Chou Home for the Elderly on October 31. The elderly, accompanied by our volunteers, were given a chance to recall their old days when enjoying the scenery of the Victoria Harbour on The Wheel and a harbor cruise.


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