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香港電訊首個股東週年大會於5月3日順利舉行,當天有數百位股東抽空出席,會議全部決議案獲大比數股東贊成通過。較早前香港電訊為股東帶來亮麗的2011年年度業績,並且比上市時的預測更佳,而上市後首本年報以「延續佳績  創新一頁」為題,以表達我們將秉承80多年來的優良傳統,繼續用心服務香港的願望。請按「更多」以瀏覽2011年年報。

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HKT’s First AGM

Hundreds of shareholders attended the first annual general meeting of HKT on May 3. All resolutions were approved by a vast majority of shareholders. Prior to that, HKT delivered a strong set of results for 2011 which exceeded the forecasts in its listing prospectus. We also published our first annual report headlined “A new chapter of continued success”, signifying our commitment to serving Hong Kong wholeheartedly riding on more than 80 years of proud history. Please click “more” to view our annual report 2011.

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PCCW mobile推出全新4G服務計劃,結合4G流動數據及近10,000個Wi-Fi熱點,提供「流動無極」的非凡體驗。5GB及10GB兩款數據用量選擇均兼備uHub雲端儲存空間,客戶亦可在有需要時購買額外數據用量。與此同時,我們現正開放Wi-Fi網絡,讓全港市民免費體驗無限Wi-Fi服務至2012年7月31日。


New 4G Offers and Free Wi-Fi

PCCW mobile’s new 4G offers bring customers an extraordinary experience of “ultimate mobility” made possible by our 4G network and close to 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. There are 5GB and 10GB data plans that go with uHub cloud storage and data top-up options. Meanwhile, we are opening up our Wi-Fi network to let the public enjoy the benefits of unlimited Wi-Fi for free until July 31, 2012.


  PCCW facebook 

PCCW facebook


只要到Facebook的PCCW Customer Service (official) 專頁,客戶便可透過「在線客服」的獨立聊天室取得一站式服務支援,無論是固網/eye、PCCW mobile、網上行或now TV服務的疑難,我們的客戶服務主任均可即時為客戶一一解答,讓其盡享優質貼心的客戶服務。


Live Chat

Our one-stop customer service channel “Live Chat” at PCCW Customer Service (official) page on Facebook allows customers to obtain instant help from our customer service staff through private chat rooms. Making inquiries about our fixed-line/eye, PCCW mobile, NETVIGATOR and now TV services cannot be easier!

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eye Home Tablet


香港電訊於3月推出全新eye家居平板電腦,結合電話、互動資訊內容、預載Android Apps及now TV於一身,亦可用來瀏覽網頁及收發電郵,為家中每個成員的生活帶來便利。


eye Home Tablet

HKT’s brand-new eye Home Tablet launched in March combines telephone, interactive infotainment content, pre-installed Android Apps and now TV, not to mention the Internet browser and email features, on a single device, serving the needs of all family members.

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  Caring Company






"Caring Company" and "Let’s Get Healthy!" staff program

PCCW, the parent company of HKT, was awarded the 10 Consecutive Years Caring Company Logo by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service on May 3 in recognition of our CSR initiatives for the community, employees and the environment over the past 10 years. The “Let’s Get Healthy!” program is our latest staff care scheme offering employees a discounted price to enjoy an eSmartHealth pedometer service pack and seminars led by professional nutritionists. Our management has taken the lead in supporting the program.

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電訊盈科及香港電訊今年再度參與由世界自然基金會發起的「地球一小時」全球熄燈行動。我們除了在3月31日晚上八時三十分,關閉七座大廈的光管招牌及射燈一小時外,亦有向PCCW mobile客戶發放短訊,呼籲他們一同參與熄燈行動。

Earth Hour

PCCW and HKT once again pledged our support in this year’s Earth Hour, an initiative organized by WWF, by switching off the signages at seven company buildings from 8:30 p.m. for an hour on March 31. In addition, we sent SMS to PCCW mobile customers to call for their participation in this event.

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