HKT recognizes the importance of good environmental stewardship and is committed to protecting the environment when we conduct our business. We have adopted various green practices and participated in several environmental working groups to support environmental conservation activities.

The Company is committed to the following environmental objectives:

  • Ensure that resources are not wasted and that where practicable, materials and goods are re-used and recycled;
  • Reduce the generation of waste as far as it is reasonably practicable and dispose of waste in an environmental responsible manner;
  • Identify and evaluate business environmental effects including carbon emissions levels and establish measures to manage those effects to the benefits of the environment;
  • Encourage suppliers of goods and services to observe our policies and best practices and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner;
  • Communicate best practices relating to environmental issues;
  • Encourage employees to take part in appropriate environmental initiatives; and
  • Support local and international initiatives designed to protect and enhance the environment.
Policies and guidelines

We have policies and guidelines to ensure effective management of our energy and water resources, minimizing the extent of adverse effects to the environment and reduce business costs where appropriate.

In support of our energy and water management policy, a set of energy and water management guidelines, based on industry best practices, has been developed to enable employees to contribute to corporate effort to protect the world’s natural resources.

In addition, a number of co-coordinated programs and practices are maintained throughout the Company by various departments to reduce any impacts that the Company’s activities may have on the environment. These include:

  • Reuse and recycling programs and disposal processes to help minimize wastage of physical assets and paper based products, toner cartridges, etc.; and
  • Initiatives to help reduce energy use and emission of greenhouse gases.
Environmental working groups

For many years, HKT has actively participated in various external environmental working groups and provided support to environmental conservation activities.

Business Environment Council (BEC) - PCCW, the parent company of HKT, is a council member and one of the founding members of BEC.

CarbonCare InnoLab (CCIL) - HKT is also an Innovation Partner of CarbonCare Open Innovation Lab (COIL), a program formed by CCIL to discuss sustainability challenges and solutions.

Charter on External Lighting - Became a signatory to the Charter on External Lighting of the Environment Bureau

To support local environmental initiatives, HKT is a member of Friends of the Earth (HK) and PCCW is a member of WWF-Hong Kong.

Environmental awards

HKT has been widely recognized for its good environmental stewardship. In 2017, HKT received the Gold Award (Media and Communication Sector) of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) 2016 granted by the Environmental Campaign Committee. HKT won the same top category award in the HKAEE 2014. HKT was also named the champion of the Biggest Unit Saver Awards (Company) of the Power Smart Energy Saving Contest 2016 by Friends of the Earth (HK), and the Silver Award winner of Best Green ICT (Adoption - Large-scale Enterprises) Award 2013 organized by Green ICT Consortium.

Environmental Protection Volunteer Group

Our Environmental Protection Volunteer Group has actively participated in various environmental activities, including tree planting, educational conferences, environmental exhibitions and internal energy saving awareness training.