Our environment

HKT is committed to addressing environmental issues and reducing our environmental impact. We seek to utilize our products, services and expertise to assist in the development of solutions to environmental problems. We also recognize not only the critical role that information and communications technology (ICT) can play in protecting the environment, but its potential impact to reduce emissions and to enable innovation and positive changes.
Environmental initiatives

Energy efficiency
Our data centers, exchange buildings, telecom/IT equipment, infrastructure and offices account for most of our energy consumption. The Facilities Management Team is responsible for implementing new technologies and procedures to reduce electricity consumption.

Waste and e-waste management
Our approach to waste management reflects the key principles of the waste hierarchy: avoidance at source, reuse, recycling and reprocessing, proper waste treatment and responsible waste disposal. We implement and regularly review the Company’s recycling practices and programs, and raise staff awareness of best practices for resource conservation.
Recycling program
We have programs promoting recycling of used toner and ink cartridges, paper, scrap metals (which include copper, iron and steel), as well as scrap materials such as scrap cables, scrap telephones, obsolete devices and accessories, modems and routers, set-top boxes, waste electrical and electronic equipment and transmission equipment.

Our mobile business has run the Help Yourself • Help the Needy• Help the Earth Handset Recycling Program. This initiative allows customers to donate their old mobile phones and accessories, such as batteries and chargers, at our shops. Our Government-endorsed recycling contractor collects donated items and checks their condition. Handsets in good condition are refurbished and sent to a network of social organizations which then distribute them to low income families.
Green ICT solutions
We help our customers to adopt more environmentally friendly lifestyles and business practices by incorporating green ideas into the design of our products and services, which include solutions for electric vehicles, homes and schools.

Employee environmental awareness
Our internal newsletter provides information on environmental issues and the Group’s green initiatives. We have launched a set of “Go Green” labels in all our offices. Our staff are reminded to turn off equipment that is not in use and to save water, paper and food. We also organize activities to raise colleagues’ environmental awareness.
Environmental recognition

HKT has been widely recognized for its good environmental stewardship.

In 2019, HKT received the Silver Award (Media and Communication Sector) of the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) 2018 granted by the Environmental Campaign Committee. HKT was also earned the 1st Runner-up of the Biggest Unit Saver Awards (Company) of the Power Smart Energy Saving Contest 2017/18 by Friends of the Earth (HK), and the Silver Award winner of Best Green ICT (Adoption - Large-scale Enterprises) Award 2013 organized by Green ICT Consortium.

PCCW and HKT have participated in the Charter on External Lighting scheme organized by the Environment Bureau. To reduce light pollution and energy wastage, the Group has pledged to switch off outdoor decorative and advertising lighting installations at designated locations from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. every day. Facility buildings and shops of PCCW and HKT have earned the Platinum Award.