HKT contributes to the community by providing practical and financial help to charitable, community, cultural and environmental causes. Major activities include:

  • Volunteer service
  • Community projects
  • Sponsorship
  • Disaster relief
Volunteer service

HKT and its parent company, PCCW, have a large volunteer team which is committed to helping the needy in the community through volunteer service. They include long-term and ad hoc services focusing on elderly care, youth development and support to the underprivileged including mentally handicapped youth and autistic pre-school children, etc. We also promote family volunteer services, encouraging not just our employees but also their family members to take part in our volunteer activities.

Community projects

We have channeled significant effort into cultivating ICT knowledge and skills in the community and thus narrowing the "digital divide" so that less privileged and remotely-located members of society can benefit from everyday IT services such as Internet access. This involves partnerships with the government and other organizations to meet IT-learning needs, such as the provision of hardware and free broadband service, and the recruitment of volunteers as IT tutors.

In addition, we maintain a tradition of serving the safety and communications needs of Hong Kong's senior citizens. For example, our Care for the Elderly Line, in partnership with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, has provided free telephone installation and service to thousands of senior citizens since 1992. We also supply hotlines for the Personal Emergency Link (PE Link) Centre operated by the Senior Citizen Home Safety Association. The PE Link is a 24-hour inquiry and counseling facility for elderly people living alone. Over the years the Company’s Support Team for the Elderly has also provided personal care assistance to elderly people both at home and in care facilities.


PCCW/HKT has acted as the sole sponsor of the Shanghai-Hong Kong-Taiwan Youth IT Summer Camp, co-organized by the Hong Kong Computer Society, Shanghai Computer Society and Information Management Association, Taiwan.

We have also provided annual scholarships and bursaries to students of computer science and information technology nominated by local universities, as well as ICT products and services for charities and fund raising activities initiated by NGOs.


We have received awards from different organizations in recognition of our efforts to support the community through volunteer service, donation and participation in the activities organized by charitable groups.

PCCW/ HKT has been given the “Highest Service Hour Award” by the Social Welfare Department and the Caring Company Logo by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for several years. The volunteer team also won the Bronze Award in the volunteer team category of the Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Programme organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council and the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education in 2016. HKT also received the Social Capital Builder Logo Awards from the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) of the Labour and Welfare Bureau in 2016.

Disaster relief

We make a positive contribution to society through our disaster relief efforts. For example, PCCW/HKT joined the relief efforts shortly after the devastating Sichuan earthquake occurred on May 12, 2008. Among other activities, we organized a campaign to raise funds for Hong Kong Red Cross’s relief activities, sponsored fixed lines to allow Hong Kong Red Cross to deal with requests and inquiries, and supported Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild's 512 Fund Raising Show by sponsoring their fund-raising hotlines.